I was talking with some friends about South Dakota.  Everyone seemed to produce some nugget of state history and fun facts.

So I thought I'd share some of the questions and answers we dug up.  And since I hate when you go to the sites that asks you questions and they hijacks you to another page to get the answers, I've included the Q's & A's right here in front of you.

Ask your pals these South Dakota Trivia Questions and see how they do!

Q)-What animal always removes the light bulbs from Patty Dee's outdoor Christmas lights?
A)-Drunk Squirrells

Q-What sculptor is responsible for Mount Rushmore?
A-Guzon Borglum

Q-Name the 4 faces on Mount Rushmore.
A-George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln,

Q)-What famous NBC Newsman graduated from Yankton Hight School?
A)-Tom Brokaw

Q)-What South Dakota Town is the geographical center of the United States?
A)-Bell Fourche

Q)-In the French Language what does 'Bell Fourche' mean.
A)-Beautiful Fork (Redwater, Hay Creek, & Belle Fourche Rivers come together)

Q)-What South Dakota City is known as the 'Potato Capital' and is home to the famous 'Mashed Potato Wrestling Contest?
A)-Clark, SD

Q)-This South Dakota cave is the 3rd longest in the world. What cave?
A)-Jewel Cave

Q)-You can find a Tucker & Edsel on display at what museum in South Daktoa?
A)-Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo

Q)-What City is home to the World Largest Corn Palace and did you every get laid in the Parking Lot Tom?

Q)-The Worlds Largest underground gold mine is in what South Dakota city?
A)-Lead – Homestake Mine

Q)-What is the name of South Dakota's largest University?
A)-South Dakota State University in Brookings

Q)-After Sioux Falls and Rapid City what is the largest City in South Dakota?
A)-Aberdeen (27,000)

Q)-It's said that Wild Bill Hicock was shot and killed playing poker. Legend says he was holding this poker hand now called the “Dead Man's Hand”. What cards was Wild Bill holding?
A)-Aces & 8's

Q)-What is South Dakota's official musical instrument?

Q)-Catherine Bach grew up in Faith, South Dakota. She stared in what TV show and what was her charicter's name?
A)-Dukes of Hazard / Dasiy Duke

So how'd you do?

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