You've no doubt seen them over and over again on your Facebook feed. Those 'quizzes' that stoke your ego with bold statements like 'Only a Genius Would Know These Answers' or 'The Average Person Only Gets 7 of These Ten Questions Right'.

And because we love a good challenge, we feel obligated to click on these Q&As just to prove to ourselves that we are smarter than the average bear.

Who cares if it's a corrupt link and if they're mining our precious personal information. When it comes to being right, there's no turning back!

Ordinarily, I resist the temptation to go down those 'rabbit holes', but I couldn't help myself when I came across Buzzfeed's 'Most Americans Can't Get 41/50 On This US State Quiz — Can You?'

My main reason for diving in was to see exactly which nugget of South Dakota trivia they would try to challenge their readers with.

I was thinking something about the name of our state capital city, which is far from common knowledge, or perhaps the main body of water that runs through the middle of the state, or even the state's lone mainstream presidential candidate.

Instead, they went for the lowest hanging fruit they could find.

South Dakota Quiz Question

It is perhaps the biggest 'no-brainer' question you could ask about our state and yet I'm sure there are some people out there who are clueless about our 'famous faces' in the Black Hills.

I have to remind myself of the time I was in a travel agency office in Europe and saw a poster with 'UTAH' splashed on top of a photo of the Grand Canyon.

As for the rest of the quiz, put me down for 46 out of 50.

Apparently I need to brush up on my Florida geography, Dr. Pepper history, North Carolina state bird, and states that border the Great Lakes!

How did you do?

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