Are you ready to have your mind blown? It turns out, two of our favorite 90s classics have a surprising connection: the iconic fountain from Friends’ opening credits is the same one featured in the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus.

Considering most of us have watched both a number of times, it's shocking no one realized this connection sooner. Though it's unclear who's the first person to figure it out, the fountain theory first started circulating earlier this week. Then, one by one, fans started to lose their minds because the truth was literally right in front of their eyes... this whole time. The fountain Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chander and Ross danced in front of is the same one Allison and Dani run by after burning the Sanderson sisters.

This also means Friends' opening credits weren’t filmed in New York and Hocus Pocus wasn’t entirely filmed in Salem, Massachusetts. Instead, the fountain was actually behind the Warner Bro. ranch in Los Angeles, where both the film and TV pilot were filmed in 1993 and 1994, respectively.

It's safe to say fans will never see that fountain the same way ever again.

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