Yup! I'm doing another breakfast/brunch post! It's my thing, okay!

If you're ever in Omaha, you should definitely check out First Watch. I thought it was just an Omaha staple, but turns out First Watch is a thing in a few places.

Full disclosure, this was actually my second time to First Watch. The first time was after a bachelorette party so I wasn't feeling super great in the morning.

But on this trip, I was feeling good and I was prepared to eat all the foods!

Ok, maybe not all the foods, but I did get the Farmhouse Hash! Anything that I can put over easy eggs on top of and then moosh it all together and get that one perfect bite with a little bit of everything is my favorite!

My friend ordered the Bacado Omelet with breakfast potatoes and that also looked amazing.

Did I mention the fruit preserves for our toast was house made? I can't even!

First Watch also has a lunch menu, a juice bar, and fancy coffees!

I, however, went for the classic mimosa. What? I like champagne.








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