Amid the roar of approval from motorcycles throughout the Buffalo Chip campground in Sturgis, the guys took the stage at 10:30 sharp Saturday night for an all-band reunion including original members of the multi-platinum selling rock band, Foreigner.

The much-anticipated concert did not disappoint. Tens of thousands of throttles were pulled back in an amped-up welcome to such classics like "Urgent," "Hot Blooded," "Cold As Ice," and finally, one of the last songs which featured all current and former members, “I Want To Know What Love Is.”

After co-founding the band in 1976, Mick Jones and Lou Gramm joined current frontman Kelly Hansen for a few numbers before welcoming the rest of the original crew including Al Greenwood, Ian McDonald, Dennis Elliot, and Rick Wills.

There were several historic moments at the Buffalo Chip since it opened in 1981. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith‘s fall off the stage in 2009, and Ozzie Osbourne to name a few. (I mean how can you beat the Prince of Darkness?) or Joe Walsh on the 50th anniversary of the Chip. But Foreigner's reunion show was right up there.

It was a concert one couldn’t walk away from as it was just one smash hit after another. Drones overhead captured the crowds as far back as the food stores, bars, and beyond.

It was truly a joy to witness such a historic concert at the famous Buffalo Chip. Still to come this week, Queensryche, Kid Rock, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, and more.

Foreigner Reunion Show at Sturgis' Buffalo Chip - August 4, 2018

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