The video of the man who was a passenger on a United Airlines flight that was physically removed from the plane went viral. People were outraged with what they saw take place.

The airline needed to bump a passenger to free up a seat for a crew member. When the man they chose refused to give up his seat, the security guys came into the cabin. He was beaten, then dragged out by his arms with a bloody face. At the same time he was screaming for mercy.

It was horrifying to watch. It's really hard to believe that United Airlines would be this violent with passengers. At first, we heard reports that the CEO of the airline said they had done nothing wrong. But after United stock drastically dropped in altitude, I noticed his tone apparently changed.

United CEO Oscar Munoz said the airline would never again let cops boot a paying customer from a flight. He came out with an apology.

The victim, David Dao, last report was still hospitalized on Thursday (April 13) recovering from his injuries from the incident. ABC News reported he suffered a concussion and had two teeth knocked out.

His lawyers are firing up a lawsuit. Legal action for the Kentucky doctor are preparing for take-off. This may turn out to be the most expensive passenger refund in airline history!

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