Saturday in the Park is a Sioux City tradition. Every Saturday on the Fourth of July weekend, there is a whole day of music lined up at Grandview Park for FREE. That's right, for FREE.

I've seen some really awesome people at Saturday in the Park through the years including Michelle Branch, The Wallflowers, Santana, Aretha Franklin, The Black Crowes, Foster the People, Steve Winwood, Ceelo Green, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, just to name a few.

This year the headliners were George Thorogood and Flo Rida. Always an interesting, eclectic line up at Saturday in the Park.

I hadn't been to Saturday in the Park in a few years, but this year it was jam packed with people. So many people! I think the combination of big headliners and perfect weather made for such a big crowd.

We arrived later in the evening during George Thorogood's set. We got to hear "Bad to the Bone" and that was all I wanted.

Then there was a brief break and Flo Rida came out! He was wearing a bullet proof vest because why not. He did all the usuals, "Low", "GDFR","Whistle","Wild Ones","Good Felling", "My House", and a few more I didn't know.

Considering that most of Flo Rida's songs are pretty provocative, he sure did have a lot of kids on stage dancing with him and singing along. And I mean kids, like 5 years old and younger. Sure, why not?

Then, the whole evening was topped off with fireworks!!

Can't wait to find out the lineup for next year!



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