If records were kept on the slowest getaway, this escape might set the standard. Slippery conditions for both suspect and police hindered both ends of the pursuit.

Sioux Falls Police Captain Loren McManus says it began with an attempted traffic stop around midnight Wednesday near 4th Street and Cliff Avenue.

“The vehicle initially did not stop. Because of the road conditions, the officer did not pursue the vehicle. Additionally, the road conditions made it difficult for the suspect to get away, so the officer continued to at least follow at a distance.”

Eventually, the suspect’s car came to a stop in the 1200 block of North Phillips Avenue, McManus indicates that the chase was not yet over.

“The driver fled the vehicle and there was a short foot pursuit. Again because of the snowy and icy conditions, the officer couldn’t get traction, the suspect couldn’t get traction and they couldn’t (make headway).”

The pursuit ended when the subject made it to the spillway and into the park. Police went back to search the vehicle and discovered marijuana and paraphernalia left behind by the suspect in a jacket.

Police also indicated that a name associated with the jacket which was left behind in the car did not match up with the car’s owner.


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