How well do you know our city? Of course we all know that Sioux Falls is the biggest city in the state. We have the largest population of people, the best bike trail and the most waterfalls with towns named after them. One.

And we all know the history of Sioux Falls. It was started in eighteen hundred and something, when some people did some stuff. They came upon the the Falls on the Big Sioux and declared that this spot is the perfect place for call centers and jobs in the medical field. One of the more ambitious individuals in the town plotting party wrote in his journal, "Dear mothers, I dare to dream that this place i now call home will one day be also be the home to four Walmarts."

Anyways, the city's history is full of fun and unknown info. You just have to know where to look. Here are five little know (fake) facts about Sioux Falls:

5 Little Known (Fake) Facts About Sioux Falls



For more fake Sioux Falls facts, make some up.


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