The Beltrami County Sheriff's office in Minnesota s reporting that a fish house was consumed by flames after an explosion on Upper Red Lake. The call came in to dispatch at approximately 12:39 pm on January 1, 2022.

4 people were injured, and two of them required air ambulance service to quickly get to a hospital to be treated. When authorities responded a male and a female had already been airlifted to receive care. Another male and female were being treated for injuries including burns at the nearby resort.

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The survivors of the fire say they were using 20lb propane tanks along with a heating device inside the rigid framed wheeled portable fish house. They heard a hissing noise, and then closed the valves on the propane tanks. That's when the explosion occurred.

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Beltrami County Sheriff's Deputies located the fish house on the North East side of Upper Red Lake. Several exterior areas of the fish house were burned and melted. The propane tanks were still intact inside the structure.

Heating and propane manufacturers advise you to keep your propane tank on the exterior of any shelter or house, with a hose running inside to your heating element to help prevent leaky fittings from causing explosions such as this. When propane leaks, it sinks to the floor of the fish house where it can easily be ignited by an open flame or heating source.

The extent of the injuries and the condition of those involved is unknown at this time.

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