One week ago today I spent over an hour blowing snow off of my driveway, my sidewalk, my neighbors' sidewalks, and cursing Old Man Winter for not dying weeks ago. Seven days later there was a barely above freezing chill in the air, but most of the 18+ inches of snow we received was gone.

I got up before any of my family and went to shoot a USPSA pistol match with the Sioux Falls Practical Shooters near Corson. They had posted photos of the bays on Thursday that showed a ton of standing water and a lot of snow still on the ground. I brought my regular trail running shoes I normally shoot in but also some waders. The ice jam in the drain tile must have finally melted because the standing water was gone and a handful of soggy spots remained. I didn't have a good day at the range but it was so nice to be able to stand around in the sun without a heavy coat on.

I came home to the familiar summer sight of my kids bikes clogging the driveway, sidewalk chalk laying out next to some temporary artwork, and Buzz Lightyear laying down next to the front steps.

We all finally get to play out side.

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