So, my morning started with almost starting my cubicle on fire!

My space heater was plugged into an extension cord at my cubicle and I was unplugging it to take it into the studio and sparks flew! I literally stopped and looked around to make sure nothing was on fire. Luckily, nothing was up in flames. Crisis averted.

I unplugged the cord and went about my day. But we asked our listeners about their fire stories! Boy, were there some good ones!

  • One time I was practicing piano and I smelled something burning. I look over and my cat's tail was on fire
  • When I was a kid, my dad used to smoke in the bathroom every morning. He left matches in the bathroom, and we were always told not to play with them. Well, I would secretly play with them in the bathroom. So I would light tissues on fire and then throw them in the toilet. Well, one didn't make it into the toilet and landed on the bathroom rug. I never played with the matches again haha I also never told My parents what I did
  • One-Fourth of July my now husband and I were at the lake with a bunch of friends. He thought he would be a real smart butt and throw one of those big exploding bombs of a firework out the window of our car as we were leaving. He missed judged how far the window was down, add it bounced back on his lap where it exploded. It set both him and my car on fire. He was knocked out, somebody had to drag him out of the car. And another person grabbed a bucket of lake water to put out my car. Needless to say, he hates the Fourth of July and it's always panicky if he ever sees our kids near fireworks
  • So when I was 6 years old I was hanging in my unattached garage. I was playing with matches and I remember starting a mattress on fire. I walked from my garage to my house 50 feet away. I walked into the house and my dad was doing the dishes and I remember him screaming for my mom that the GARAGE WAS ON FIRE!?! Nobody found out it was me for about 10 years what an idiot I was.
  • When I was younger my mom always had candles lit and one day she got a new one and after a while, I went over to go smell it, sneezed into the candle and the burning Wick flew out and landed on the living room carpet and there is still Scorch mark to this day
  •  When I was younger I worked for sunshine foods in the little burger shed and the grease pot under the grill started on fire. I didn't know that you couldn't put grease fires out with water, so I grab the gloves and brought the burning pot into the shack turn the sink on and stuck it under the water.... it exploded in my face and about burned the whole shack down. Thank god for fire extinguishers!
  • When I was probably in 6th grade, I wanted to make myself hash browns for breakfast. My parents were in their room yelling to me if I wanted help and I said no I could do it myself. I put the oil in the pan (gas stove) and dropped the hash browns in. Apparently the oil splashed because there was a huge flash of flames and I about peed my pants they came to help me after that. 
  • One time when I was really little, my sister and I were coloring at the dining table (she was probably 10 or so) and my parents were outside putting up Christmas lights. After interrupting them a few times, They said we were to not come and get them unless there was a fire. Shortly after, My sister ran yelling fire. Apparently there was a candle on the dining table and when I went to move onto my next picture to color my page had brushed the flame when setting it to the side and started the table on fire.
  •  When I was probably around 8 my older brother, 10 and one of my friends, also 8 were playing cowboys in the abandoned shed next door. My brother said that we should start a fire for the night, in the game. It was like 2 in the afternoon in July. My friend and stolen a lighter from his mom and actually lit an old burlap sack. The shack burned down, was not fun
  • I was making mac and cheese left the burner on simmer. You couldn't see the burner was on. It was a gas stove but in summer the flame was small. I left the house and the pan was still on the stove. Needless to say, my brother's house burned down. No one was hurt.
  •  In middle school, at my best friend's house, I offered to make some Kraft macaroni. I turned on the stove's BACK burner on high instead of the front, and a potpourri pie thing was on that burner. Three-foot flames of green and purple shot outta that thing around 5 minutes later, climbing up the wall and cabinets. We destroyed everything dumping water all over it. I had to air out the kitchen for the rest of the day too. Oops!
  • My brother did start our house on fire right before Christmas many years back. It was also almost his birthday he decided to play with birthday candles and ended up setting a big fire. I had just got home from work and was peeing when i smelt it and ran out pants undone and all. Was not a fun Christmas for us. In a hotel rebuilding our house for at least 6 months. Was also one of the coldest day of that year and none of us were prepared to be standing outside obviously so we ended up with some minor frostbite ( had a different name since it wasn't as severe as frostbite but I can't remember it)
  • A couple of years ago I turned the stove on to boil water eland walked away to do some other things around the house. About 15 minutes later I heard a loud "pop" that sounded like a gunshot. I walked out to the kitchen and realized I turned on the wrong burner and the cooking spray was sitting on top of the one I turned on. Fire on the stove, kitchen covered in oil.
  •  I had company coming over and didn't have time to do my dishes so I shoved them all in my stove. We ended up going out that night and I got drunk. When I got home I wanted a pizza so I started the oven forgetting the dishes were in there. It ended up being a huge mess, the house was full of smoke and had to replace most of my dishes. Lol
  • When I was 15 I was sneak smoking upstairs at my grandmas' we could hear someone coming up the steps so we flung the cigarette.... Well, my grandma collected Kerosene lamps and we started a whole wall on fire!! Still to this day my grandma thinks we knocked over a candle!
  • Left the wrapper on the butter to "soften it". In microwave Started on fire. I took out. Tossed on the counter. Sparked electrical fire on cord to microwave that smoked so bad fire department came. AND then we found out there was a potential sinkhole in the street in front of our house. Bc the fire truck sank about a foot into the road. Lol. That was in 1995. There are still the marks from that part of our street being fixed.

Moral of the story. Be careful. And remember to stop, drop, and roll.

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