The flames died down and the smoke dispersed, but the damage still remains from a golf cart shed that caught fire at Elmwood Golf Course.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue was alerted to the blaze around 12:45 PM on Wednesday (January 9) as thick, black smoke billowed into the sky. Witnesses from as far away as Harrisburg could see the smoke as it hovered above the northern area of Sioux Falls.

It took about 15 to 20 minutes to be able to bring the fire under control at the shed, plus there were nearby areas of grass that also caught fire that Sioux Falls Fire Rescue also had to contain. Officials said there were staff members on site when the fire began, but there were no injuries reported.

Investigators are expected to sift through the remains and determine what caused the blaze. There was no early estimate of a monetary amount of damage to the shed and its contents.

Though the golf course is in close proximity to the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, Executive Director Dan Lettelier said there was no impact to operations of aircraft at the airport because of the fire.


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