Here's a home that is on the market in Huron for only $15,000! Has the seller lost their mind? Are they just feeling generous and willing to sell their home for pennies on the dollar?

This is a three-bedroom, one-bath ranch-style home built in 1965. If you look at the pictures below, you can see that it's in decent shape. Sure, it could use a deep cleaning, a coat of paint, and some updating. But for only $15,000, there would be plenty of money left in the budget to do that.

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So why is this home that otherwise looks to be in good shape listed for only $15,000? It needs to be moved from its current lot. The land is not included. The listing doesn't say if the buyer needs to pay for the move, but I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case. So the buyer would need to plan for that in the budget. The home is also being sold AS-IS.

With the current high price and scarcity of both labor and materials, this doesn't seem like a bad deal for someone who already has a lot. Bidding will end on Oct 31 and the top three bids will have a chance to raise their bid. The house will need to be moved by April 1, 2023. No foolin'.

Huron $15k Home

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