Ah, Father’s Day is here. My Father is still present, we can account for him and our family is truly blessed.

I love my Father. When I greet him it’s, “How you doin’? You ole’ Paw.” It’s been a few years since I started that and I think at first he bristled.

Now he’s 75 and soon to be 76 years on the planet and he’s warmed up to it. In return it’s, “How you doin’ you ole’ Son.”

From humble beginnings on a Charles Mix County farm, to an enlistment in the Navy, all the way to writing a weekly newspaper column and the jones to play a round a golf despite having a recent knee surgery, it’s still quite a ride.

Some of my cousins call him Uncle Ken. There was once a time when he was dubbed “Hungry Man” after the frozen meals by a couple young relatives.

That fateful November day in 1963, he was stationed at a National Air Station in Dallas. He eventually became so highly skilled at artificial insemination of cattle that he was almost to the status of “have liquid nitrogen tank, will travel.”

Having a loving father is something to cherish. Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and to all fathers.

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