Every year I get the card in the mail from the super nice people at the South Dakota Department of Revenue reminding me to renew my license plate tags.

Every year I forget about it thinking the end of February is a long way off.

Every year I remember I need to renew my tags on either the last day of February or on the first day of March.

This year I remembered on the last day of March. So I did what have done each of the previous two years. I ran down to HyVee at 49th and Louise and got in the relatively short line at the state's self service kiosk.

There's two in Sioux Falls and seven other terminals around the state (the other is at Get N Go on Arrowhead Parkway). You walk up, scan your drivers license, tap the screen a few times, swipe your card and then your registration and tags pop out of the machine.

Last year I did it on the last day of February. This year, on March 1, the line was a lot shorter. So if I forget on February 29 next year (it will be a leap year) I'm just going to wait until March 1.

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