Last night while my daughter and I went to Juice Stop for a smoothie after her softball game, my wife took our boys to the park. My youngest wanted to ride his sister's old bike to the park, for some reason.

Before they came home from the park they found a couple of old cheese sticks in the handlebar bag. Since that was Jackie's old bike, which we replaced for her birthday in August of 2016, this was probably some really old cheese. She liked to carry things she didn't really need in that bag so she could use it.

The expiration date was October 22, 2016. I have read that expiration dates aren't really that big of a deal most times. I am guessing that 586 days past the date on the package could mean that the cheese is compromised.

Without opening it I can promise it is. They're hard as charcoal briquettes.

Andy Erickson
Andy Erickson

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