The Empire Mall is going to add parking spots for new and expectant moms and dads. And good for them. I've been to businesses that have new and expectant parking for moms, but nothing for dads.

Obviously, there isn't much need for an expectant dad to have a closer reserved parking spot. But once you have a newborn in tow you have just as much stuff to haul as a new mom and that closer parking spot will be nice.

“Each year, we welcome thousands of families to our mall,” said Kirsten Schaffer, director of marketing and business development at Empire Mall in a press release. “These parking spots will help expecting parents and parents of infants have an easier time getting in and out of the mall. We’re happy to partner with Sanford Health to provide this new amenity.”

Yep. Parents. Dads haul babies too.

I'm not one to get too wound up about the parking spot thing. It's marketing and I get that. I'm okay with walking. What does actually infuriate me is businesses with public restrooms that will have a changing table in the women's rest room and not the men's. Changing a diaper on a sink not meant for it means you're doing it on a floor of questionable cleanliness. If you're going to have them in one, have them in both.

Yep. Dads change diapers too.

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