Just another reason to hate Covid-19. It really messed with TV production. Many shows had to cut their seasons short or even piece together finales.

One of my most favorite shows of all time, Law & Order: SVU, didn't get to do the season finale that they wanted. And apparently it would have been amazing!

It was announced that Elliot Stabler was getting a spin-off show of his very own, which made a lot of fans super happy. However, his reintroduction was supposed to be on this season's season finale! Rona robbed us of a Benson and Stabler reunion!

According to TVGuide.com, showrunner, Warren Leight recently said on the official show podcast, "The story would have involved his wife Kathy, who's concerned that her son might have been drugged after getting caught up with some very bad people. Stabler's reemergence would have rejuvenated Olivia after a season of losses. With Season 21 cut short due to COVID-19, that plan changed, and Stabler will now appear in the Season 22 opener."

Leight also said he isn't sure when production will resume.

For non- SVU fanatics, Stabler left the show after a particularly traumatic turn of events. He was forced to shoot and kill a sixteen-year-old girl and was put on leave. He was cleared of all charges but refused to undergo psych evaluation and anger management. He chose to leave the force. That was back in 2011. It hasn't been clear what he has been up to since then, however, his name is mentioned from time to time.

Personally, when Olivia was going through all the stuff with William Lewis, I feel like, in real life, Stabler probably would have popped up to check on his old partner. But, I mean, I get it's a show. However, I would like an explanation.

Even though we aren't sure what Elliot Stabler has been up to since leaving SVU, we do know what Christopher Meloni has been doing. He starred in one of my favorite gone too soon shows, Underground. He was also on the most reason season of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu and Happy! on SyFy, just to name a few.

I can't wait for the new season! Hopefully, good things will come to SVU fans that wait.

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