Wait, is summer over? Wasn't it Memorial Day a little while ago?

Labor Day spells out one thing very clear. Enjoy this weekend to the max, because this is it. School starts and tomorrow points directly to fall.

So what's everyone's plan for Labor Day? I ran across a national study done by our friends at Budweiser.

They asked the following questions:

  • Barbecuing vs. movie watching: Will more Americans light the grill or hit the theaters?
  •   Hamburgers vs. hot dogs:  Will burgers or wieners take top billing in 2016?
  •   Domestic vs. Imported Beer:  Which brews will quench thirsty Americans?

Here's the results that came in:

A big win for barbecue lovers: 214 million Americans (67%) plan to fire up the grill this year while 115M Americans (33%) plan to watch a movie at a theater or at home. 150 million Americans expect to bite into a juicy burger compared to 109 million hot dogs eaters.

And lastly, the Bud people were pleased to learn 98 million Americans will drink an ice-cold domestic beer like Budweiser, while only 49 million will drink an imported beer.



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