Dusty Johnson of Mitchell won the GOP nomination for US Representative. He says he is glad his message resonated with South Dakota voters. "When you start running for office you talk about your vision for the state, the country and you don't know if it's going to resonate with anybody until election night. The fact that this message, a limited government, balanced budget, reforming welfare, that resonated with South Dakotans feels wonderful."

The tones of several campaigns turned negative in the final couple of weeks. Johnson says negative ads do not work in South Dakota.

Johnson talks about preparing for the campaign. "We're going to talk about how to build an event bigger coalition to carry us through a win in November. We're going to talk about solutions and not just problems."

Johnson defeated Shantel Krebs and Neal Tapio to win the nomination. He will face former judge Tim Bjorkman in the general election November 6th.

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