Halloween is just around the corner and spooky stuff is all around.

For example, I bought a wig for Halloween that I then put on my tower fan as a wig stand. When I went to bed, I even said to myself, "That is probably gonna scare you in the morning." And it did.

So we asked our listeners today, what is the dumb thing in your house that scared you?

Here are some of the best answers:

  •  I put a life size skeleton decal on the outside of my door which has a huge window. When I woke up in the middle of the night I thought someone was staring into my house!
  • So I own a bakery, and we have a life size cardboard cutout of Loki right? We had to move it out of the way, so my mom put it in one of the front windows. We're right next to a bar, so people are always complaining that this man in the window scares them every night. Obviously I didn't care because it didn't affect me. Well I had to open up through the front door the other morning, and HOLY COW I almost peed my pants! He is a scary one I tell you what. Did I move it yet? Never
  • My wife's makeup mirror is attached to the wall right of the bathroom sink at eye level. I was home alone one night and saw something out of the corner of my eye while brushing my teeth. My own reflection got me that night.
  • Hung a new mirror up in the hallway, went to the kitchen in the middle of the night and saw my reflection and punched the mirror.
  •  I forgot I had a giant pile of clean laundry on my bed and walked in the room in the dark and saw something on the bed and couldn't find the light switch very fast. That got my heart racing.
  • We had a birthday party and there was one strangler foil balloon that had stuck around and started to deflate. Well one night I was alone in the living room and the balloon had deflated to the point it was bouncing on the ground. It was behind a chair and would make a weird crinkle noise when it would hit the floor then bounce up. All I could see was some reflective thing moving behind the chair. I convinced myself it was definitely an alien and mustered up all my courage grabbed something to hit the alien with and slowly approached it. I felt so stupid when I realized it was just a balloon
  •  My husband and I were laying in bed talking facing each other, all the sudden he looks over my shoulder and says " oh my god!" The way he looked and said it made me think a serial killer was behind me I turned and see the girl from The Ring standing there, straggly hair over her face and all! I started screaming, meanwhile my mind processed that it was our 9 yo daughter but I was so scared still. She started screaming back so both of us are hysterically screaming! I started laughing but was still so scared that it turns into a laugh/crying at the same time. So then I guess that scared my daughter because she started crying too My hubs turned the lights on and we both realized it was ok but still took awhile to settle down! We never found out why she originally came onto our room

And that's not even all of them!

Be careful out there!

Happy Halloween!


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