Two Sioux Falls men are lucky to be alive after a vehicle crashed into their respective houses.

According to Dakota News Now, 24-year-old Casey Fette allegedly missed a curve on South Jessica Avenue, jumped the curb, side-swiped one house with his pickup truck, then crashed into the second house.

"I just heard the loudest sound you could imagine, like a bomb going off," said Jesse Peterson, who lived in the first house that was hit. "It rattled the entire house. It jolted me so much that it moved my bed."

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Peterson's brother, who lives in the second house hit, sustained injuries of a cut on his nose and a concussion. The vehicle came to rest just a foot away from his brother.

Peterson also said it isn't the first time an accident has occurred in front of his house in the five years he has owned it. Other vehicles have gone off the road and ended up in the ditch adjacent to the railroad tracks that run nearby.

If this sort of accident sounds familiar, it is. A similarly curved street on the northeastern side of Sioux Falls has been hit by cars multiple times. In April of 2015, a house on North Leadale Avenue was hit by a drunk driver who missed a similar curve on that street. It happened again in November of 2017 when another car, traveling at a high rate of speed, also jumped the curb after missing the curve and hit the house.

Large decorative boulders sound like a good idea in neighborhoods like these.

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