Have you ever had a Kool-Aid pickle? Ya, me either.

Well, Bread & Circus put Kool-Aid pickles on their entry for this year's Downtown Burger Battle. 

I was apprehensive, yet intrigued.

The burger cleverly called The B&C Burger is described as, "It starts with a well-seasoned patty of Certified Angus Beef that gets smashed on the flat top. It then gets loaded up with pimiento cheese, Kool-Aid pickles, house-smoked pulled pork & Alabama White Bar-B-Q sauce. A world-famous Martin’s potato bun really ties it all together."

The Kool-Aid pickles, we found out, are just their homemade pickles with a packet of watermelon Kool-Aid thrown into the brine. They weren't overly sweet. I was expecting a much stronger flavor, but I was OK with the flavor I did get.

I didn't think I liked pimiento cheese, but I liked it on this burger. And can we just talk about this pulled pork for a second? So good, you guys! Especially with that Alabama white Bar-B-Q sauce.

Honestly, all these burgers are so creative and scrumptious, it's hard to compare them! But, I sure am enjoying the process.

Seven down, five to go!


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