Has someone ever done something to you in traffic that you really wanted to confront them? Don't do it. You might end up famous.

A woman who the Internet has dubbed "Kidz Bop Karen" has rocketed to instant fame for her crazy tirade on an Uber driver who cut her off. She yells at the driver, who apologizes, but then decides to go off on the woman in the back seat for filming her. She makes insane faces and also calls her a "bitch-ass-hoe."

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I've been mad a people before, but never to the extent that I thought getting out of my vehicle in traffic was a good idea. That's never a good idea. If you get cut off, or someone almost hits you, get your aggravation out by honking your horn and cursing at the other guy or gal.

And sheltering your kids with "Kidz Bop" music doesn't shelter them. It just allows them to think bad music is okay.

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