A few weeks ago, the Sioux Falls Community Blood Bank issued a statement saying their blood supplies were getting dangerously low and they were in need of donors.

New word came out over the weekend that supplies at the blood bank are depleted, and donors are desperately needed immediately.

The COVID-19 pandemic has done a real number of blood donations in the Sioux Empire. Throughout the pandemic, the Community Blood Bank has done their best to help maintain a strong blood supply for area patients in need. Dakota News Now reports, the policies related to COVID such as social distancing, limiting the number of donations at drive sites, businesses not being able to host blood drive events, employees working from home, and the public's reluctance to go out and donate during a pandemic have all had a great impact on the blood supply currently on hand at this time.

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To help illustrate this dire situation, Dakota News Now reports the Community Blood Bank has experienced over 500 cancelled blood drive events, which equates to over 12,000 blood donations.

Even with the support of a number community businesses and organizations, there is still an urgent need for donations. According to Dakota News Now, there is roughly a call for 500 units of blood each week to meet the needs of patients here in the area. Leaving the Community Blood Bank running short, as usage is fast out-pacing donations on most days.

Through all this, the Community Blood Bank remains committed to their goal of keeping blood supplies as strong as possible as the pandemic continues.

Remember, the donor rooms at both Avera and Sanford hospitals are open at specified times each weekday to accept your gift of blood. They ask that you please call to set up an appointment to make a donation.

In addition to the donor rooms, the Community Blood Bank is planning a number of donor events throughout this week in communities all over the Sioux Empire. You see a list of those events here.

The Community Blood Bank wants to remind everyone that donors must be at least 17 years old. (16-year-old individuals can also donate with a signed parent consent form.) Donors must weigh 110 lbs or more and be in good general health. All donors are asked to bring along an ID on the day they plan to donate.

Source: Dakota News Now

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