Did the creators of the Toaster Strudel Boy want you to be weirded out?  Here’s why we find this character so disturbing:

Poltergeist Effect:  Windows opening by themselves and doors crashing down to allow the Strudel Boy to gain access isn’t really a miraculous breakfast intervention.  The angelic singing and bright light glowing behind Strudel Boy’s head may have you thinking the end is near and you’re about to meet your maker…at the hands of the yodeling boy with frosting-laced sticky fingers.

Svengali Factor:  Unlike Snow White who loved the forest animals so much that they were compelled to follow her, the deer and rabbit in these commercials are likely under a trance.  If we could have a closer look, would we see welts on their stomach that spelled “Help Me?”

The Mesmerizing Stare:  Ever notice that the Strudel boy NEVER blinks?  His entrancing smile and steely eyes, remind me of one of those traveling hypnotists.  Turn away quick or you could be helpless under his stare!  Of course I'm only talking about the character that Gregory Von Straussen portrays, not the actor himself.

As we get closer to Halloween parties in Sioux Falls and your many costume choices, may I suggest the Toaster Strudel Boy?  You could be the hit of the party and hear everyone call out to you, “Toaster Strudel, Ya?”

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