In a state where a man once wagged a finger at me for being in a lane that was about to end and blocked me from merging, I figured the 605 has the rudest drivers in the country.

It turns out that we aren't as bad as you would think. In fact, we aren't terribly rude at all.

South Dakota was ranked the 37th rudest state, or the 14th least rude, according to a study done by

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The rankings were based on a lot of various studies which included other studies of the rudest drivers, plus states with the rudest people and states with the worst drivers. The latter two factors probably moderated our score quite a bit.

The state with the rudest drivers was California, which interestingly had a slightly better "rude driving score" at 29 than Nevada did at 22. Both of those states scores were sort of alone in their suck as there was not a single state with a score in the 30's, and the third rudest state, Florida, was on an island with a score of 40. The next rudest state had a score of 63, which was Oregon. New Mexico, Tennessee, Washington, Arizona, Alaska, and Maryland rounded out the top ten rudest states.

On the other end of the spectrum, Vermont was the least rude state, followed by our southern border neighbors in Nebraska. Minnesota came in fourth while Montana was ninth and Iowa was 11th. South Dakota's other too border neighbors also did pretty well. North Dakota and Wyoming came in 16th and 17th respectively.

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