If you're someone who loves cows more than people, then you're in luck when you're in the state of South Dakota!  Cows dominate the human population and that's no bull!

South Dakota is not the only state that is overruled by cows.  In fact, we are one of nine states where cows represent a bigger population than people.

Other states where cows outnumber people include our neighbors in North Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska as well as the states of Kanas, Oklahoma. Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

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So just how many cows does South Dakota have in the entire state?  Furthermore, how do these numbers compare with the other top eight states where cows eclipse humans?  Beef2Live is able to provide these answers with its recent article about cattle.

According to Beef2Live, South Dakota is the number one state with the most cattle per person throughout the entire United States. The state actually has "four times as many cattle as they do people."  Montana and Nebraska are not too far behind.

Beef2Live offers the following rankings to summarize where the top nine states place:

RankStateHumanCattle Ratio
1South Dakota844,8773,650,0004.32
4North Dakota723,3931,770,0002.45

It's interesting to note that states like Nebraska and Montana have a greater human population than South Dakota.  However, South Dakota has a higher rate of cattle per humans. In other words, each person in the state owns close to about five beef cattle. Also, Nebraska manifests almost twice as many cattle grazing its plains yet the number of cattle per person is still greater in South Dakota!

The dairy cow business in South Dakota is just as popular.  The South Dakota Department of Agriculture is reporting that the state has more than 92,000 dairy cows producing over 1.8 billion pounds of milk per year!  Woah!

I guess you can say the cows are really "moo-ving" the agriculture industry in the state.

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