When it comes to music, many say, "Bands need more cowbells!".  But when it comes to cows....some scientists are saying that more cowbells are actually harming cattle.  Researchers in Zurich, Switzerland are saying that the iconic cowbell worn by bovines is actually damaging cattle's hearing and affecting their feeding habits.

Scientists with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have reviewed the results of studies conducted on bovines that were wearing 12-pound cowbells at 25 different farms.

Results revealed thousands of cows that were wearing the cowbells may have actually been made deaf by the cowbells.  Researchers found that the cowbells can create noise levels of up to 113 decibels, which equals the noise level made by a chain saw.  It might not sound like that would be a problem for people, but cows have more sensitive hearing than humans.

The study also revealed that the cows that wore the cowbells tended to chew their cud for less time.  This means unhappy and irritated cows, which leads to lower milk production.

Farmers, however, are criticizing the study.  They are saying that the 12 pound bells aren't even used anymore.


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