I saw this Tweet today from the very funny comedian and podcaster Jimmy Pardo. It got me thinking. I too have never known anyone that's been on Family Feud, or any game show for that matter.

I know a little bit about the process for getting on Jeopardy!. I've flirted with the idea of trying to get on the show. But, knowing my churning cauldron of neurosis and social anxieties, I'd probably freeze up. Or even worse, just ring in to make jokes.

Getting on Jeopardy! involves tryouts and testing, but to get on other shows I think you just have to show-up. In California. I guess Wheel of Fortune has a place online where you can apply, but they want a video and picture.

But, with all these years of game shows and the millions of people that must have been on them, I'd think I'd run into some. Maybe I have. Maybe it becomes a secret shame. Or if someone has been on one, maybe they just get tired of talking about it.

I don't know. Do you know anyone that's ever been on a game show?


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