Have you ever wondered what goes down on Sioux Falls City Streets after the roads have been cleared of snow?  It depends on where you are in the city according to Galen Huber, with the public works department.

Crew are busy getting the snow off the roads, with a crew at midnight and a second at noon on Tuesday (February 20).

On the emergency snow routes, after the snow is removed, the snow and ice melting begins with what Huber and the crew call the Hot Stuff spread on the roads.  "salt with the liquid calcium chloride, that's what goes on those streets, and in if we go in the residentials, then we go in with a sand-salt mixture." said Huber.  "The salt mixture is around ten percent."

Huber says around one third of Sioux Falls roads are on emergency snow routes, meaning they'll get plowed anytime there's over 2 inches of snow.

When a snow alert is issued, all of the streets are plowed.  Make sure not to park on your street until it has been plowed curb to curb, or you could find a ticket on your windshield, or even worse, get your vehicle from the impound lot after it's been towed.

To stay on top of the latest snow removal, the City of Sioux Falls offers an opt in option to receive text message and e-mails.

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