This morning Tasha and I were talking about a Buzzfeed post about weird habits people have. Their article mentioned things like believing that store employees think you're stealing something if you don't buy anything or saying Wed-Nes-Day in your head when you write Wednesday (I just did it).

I bite my fingernails, but I don't do it topless like the woman in the stock photo I found above.

We took calls and texts from people about their weird habits and there were some dandy things people do.

  • I can't explain why, but during conversations I see visuals of everything being discussed. I'm not trying to, that's just how my mind works. So, when someone is describing something disgusting or tragic I ask them to stop because it's overwhelming visually
  • I have this bad habit of needing to listen to this show every morning, mainly to hear the legit bickering between you two.
  • I have to smell everything. Especially cups before I pour anything in them.
  • Volume on stereo/radio needs to be on a 5. 5,10,15,etc.
  • My mom will pull one single hair from her head and tickle the end of her when shes deep in thought or concentrating on something. she doesn't even realize when she does it.
  • I will get out of my car, lock it on the inside and yet once I'm out I lock it again to make sure I hear the horn so that I know it's really locked.
  • I talk to myself under my breath without realizing I ALL THE TIME.
  • I chew my cheek. Like legit dents in my cheek from it.
  • Not me personally but I know a guy who will mouth the words as YOU are talking. Really messes with your head as your talking and his mouth is moving. I feel like a really bad ventriloquist and he is the dummyI pick out certain words during a conversation and with my hands by my side I spell it out in sign language
  • Most women myself included can't put on eye makeup without opening our mouth

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