Would you eat old food you found in your car? Probably not because it would taste weird.

I've found chicken nuggets and french fries under the seats in my truck that sat for who knows how long. Obviously that would not taste good.

During the show last week Natasha said she knows people who won't eat a candy bar that melted in their car. But would it actually taste weird after it melted in your car? I didn't think so. But I did recall trying to eat a Kit-Kat that was left in my center console that had melted and hardened and melted and hardened. I don't know if it was that or if it was because it sat for an unknown long period of time getting skunked by shape shifting every now and then.

Well we melted a Hershey bar in front of Natasha's space heater. It got very fluid but not as fluid as we thought. You could still make out "Hershey" on part of the bar.

When I opened it up it was a little lighter colored in places but looked and smelled fine. Then we ate it. It was fine. Of course.

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