Back in June of last year, I did a post about 10 Sioux Falls things that I had never done. One of the things on that list was The Kirby Science Center at The Washington Pavilion.

Well, as of last weekend, I can proudly say that is no longer true. I went and I conquered.

My brother was in town to surprise me for my birthday and we were looking for something to do. So we decided on the Science Center.

It was a lot of fun. I just turned 30 and my brother is 25 and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Obviously, lots of families were there, but that didn't stop us from having a good time.

I got to rock climb and pretend to do a newscast and we challenged our reflexes and played a giant piano! It was a lot of fun.

The only un-fun part for me was this exhibit that had all this animal hair. There was a horse tail and a skunk tail and a bunch of other stuff. You could pick it up and touch it and for whatever reason it just grossed me out. So in true little brother fashion, my brother chased me around with the horsetail trying to touch me with it.

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