We all know that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," right?  So go ahead and stack as many waffles as you can on your breakfast plate!  You'll even burn more calories if you do.

There is a new study from researchers at a German university indicating that eating breakfast could be the key to losing weight.  Eating some eggs and bacon may just give your metabolism a boost to kick-start your day.  Starting your day with breakfast could also help maintain your blood sugar levels.

Changing your morning routine including eating that bacon may also offer individuals another dietary benefit. Eating a nutrient-rich, meaningful calorie breakfast can also decrease one's appetite later in the day, especially for sweets.  There are myriad of quick, healthy options available for one's breakfast fare including fresh fruit, yogurt, and high protein cereal.  Taking the time to eat that nutritious breakfast could produce long-lasting benefits for one's overall health and well being.

Next time you're at a breakfast buffet, don't feel too horrible about taking an extra pancake or serving of eggs!

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