The great Dakota boom kicked off in the early 1800's with the arrival of railroads and the village of “East Sioux Falls” was incorporated in 1876. By the 1880s, the rock quarry business was underway in Sioux Falls.

In 1887 Quarry partners C. W. Hubbard and James E. Riley expanded their business along the bluffs of the Big Sioux River six miles east of downtown Sioux Falls.

In 1888 a railroad depot was built by the Illinois Central railroad company. The station was named East Sioux Falls.

All the quartzite paving blocks and building stones could now be transported by rail throughout the United States.

By 1890 East Sioux Falls had hotels, stores, a post office, saloon and houses.

In 1893 a depression occurred and the quartzite was no longer in high demand. Eventually, the Sioux Falls Granite Company was forced into bankruptcy. People moved away and the businesses closed.

By 1913, with very few folks left in the city, East Sioux Falls was forced to give up its charter.

Up until 1999, the Perry family owned the land that is now the Perry Nature Area which is a public use area that preserves the natural beauty and historic features of the landscape.

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