The first draw for East River deer is complete. Did you get yours?

The emails haven't been sent out yet but you can log into your account and click on View My Applications/Licenses and find out.

I did not. But I knew I probably would not. I applied for an Any Deer in an impossible unit to draw one with only one point. It is a unit with mule deer so I'd like a crack at one. With two points next year I'll have much better chances. That is if the new proposed deer draw system doesn't go through. If it does I'll probably never draw that tag.

Draw system Armageddon aside, I'm not too concerned, though. My nephew, who will be 13 next month, drew his first license and will be able to shoot any whitetail he wants.

I'll be able to pick up a doe tag in the second draw so I'm not too worried about not hunting. I'm more excited to take my nephew out than to hunt myself.

Happy hunting!

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