Devin Lima from the trio, LFO, passed away Wednesday, November 21st after a year long battle with adrenal cancer.

Lima was only 41.

This is the second death from cancer for the group. Rich Cronin passed away from leukemia in 2010.

The band is probably best known for their 1999 hit, "Summer Girls." Other notable songs from LFO were "Every Other Time" and "Girl on TV."

After Cronin's passing in 2010, the remaining two members reunited for a short time. Devin Lima and Brad Foschetti had planned to tour in 2017 until Lima's diagnosis.

According to a Billboard article, "...he had undergone surgery to remove a massive tumor from his abdomen. At the time, a spokesperson for the band said that the tumor surgery left Lima without his adrenal gland and one of his kidneys and while the tumor was entirely removed, there was concern that some cancer cells may still have been present."

LFO's official YouTube channel hasn't been updated in almost a year, right after Devin's surgery.


May he rest in peace.


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