Not even two weeks after the riots at The Empire Mall, Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken and his administration have been brainstorming ideas to improve the police force. The mayor says it will not be done through defunding the department.

Recent news came out of Minneapolis as city councilors there said they're "committed" to dismantling policing in the city as it has been known. Dakota News Now interviewed Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns, "Frankly, if you're looking at the continued growth of the city, I don't know how you could consider (defunding the police department) as a serious notion and a way to promote change," Burns said.

Mayor TenHaken calls it a knee-jerk reaction to the overall issue of social injustice and equality.

In a tweet from the mayor, he is calling for more training, better technology, and resources along with stronger recruitment. To continue to explore realistic ideas that create reform.

According to Chief Burns, the department will meet this week to look at its arrest and use of force policies.

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