I'm ready to make it official. I have a new favorite thing to eat. Food, I guess the kids are calling these days. For years, the classic foodstuff pizza was number one with my mouth. But, I think it's time to admit to myself, and the world, the new number one at the top of the charts is chicken wings!

Looking back on it now, this has been a long time coming, what with my recent obsession with putting garlic Parmesan sauce on everything. From teriyaki to habanero, I can't get enough of breaded pieces of chicken coated with various sauces.

Now, I don't mean to fly in the face of tradition, but my love is specifically for boneless wings. I'm not a dog, I don't need a miniature bone to gnaw on. Not that i will ever turn down the wings with the bones. I'm not a madman.

Don't worry pizza you are still my number one number 2. And heck, a buffalo chicken pizza is perfect combo of both. In fact, lets just go ahead and declare buffalo chicken pizza the official state food of my mouth and then everybody will be happy.

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