What do a bullet hole and a dead cat have in common? Both were found in the same mailbox recently east of Sioux Falls.

The chances are quite low that this development has anything to do with the mailboxes that were recently damaged by explosives, but it does follow a trend of tampered receptacles. Sergeant Josh Phillips of the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s office says the report was filed on Thursday morning.

“We don’t believe they’re connected, but we can’t rule that out at this time. The owner of the mailbox opened it up and found a deceased cat plus it appears that someone shot a hole through his mailbox. The cat died at another location and was placed in the mailbox.”

The incident occurred near the intersection of 484th Avenue and 265th Street which is northeast of Rowena. At this time there are no suspects in this case. It’s also unclear how the cat met its demise.


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