A crosswalk on a dangerous intersection near a Sioux Falls school has a number of parents worried, so much so that they shared their concerns recently with the Sioux Falls School District, and now the district is taking action.

Dakota News Now reports the Sioux Falls School District has put together a plan to address the traffic concerns parents have about the the corner of 41st Street and Manifold Avenue, near the new Ben Reifel Middle School.

The safety of students is always a paramount issue within the Sioux Falls School District. That is why the district is snapping into action after a group of parents expressed their concerns about students being able to safely cross the dangerous intersection near the Sioux Falls Middle School.

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The district has developed a one-year plan to study traffic patterns in the area and find a permanent solution to deal with the high traffic problems in the area of the crosswalk.

According to Dakota News Now, the city will be installing Rapid Rectangular flashing beacons at the 41st Street and Manifold Avenue intersection to help alert drivers and allow for students to safely cross from the north of 41st Street.

Heath Hoftiezer, Principal Traffic Engineer for the Sioux Falls Public Works Department, told Dakota News Now, "This flashing beacon will be much like the one used near the Midco Aquatic Center."

Hoftiezer says the Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacons have worked well in other parts of the city in getting motorists to slow down and stop at other dangerous intersections.

In addition to the RRFB, Dakota News Now is reporting the Sioux Falls School District plans on making a shuttle bus available to pickup and drop-off students at the 41st Street and Manifold Avenue intersection. The bus will be used to safely transport students across Highway 11.

The general consensus of Ben Reifel Middle School parents with traffic concerns is one of relief. Parents are very grateful the district listened to their safety concerns and came up with a plan to take action.

Source: Dakota News Now

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