I wish I could have got a better look in the video of this double rainbow, but just like life's blessings if you look for it you'll see it.

My parents happened to be snapping pics of the same South Dakota sky, and got a better look than I did.

My dad, who rarely uses his camera, was 15 miles south of me, and got this one:

Double Rainbow
Don Jacobs (Used with Permission)

My mom, who is always ready to snap a few pics, happened to be 15 miles north of me, and took these:

Terry Jacobs (Used with Permission)

Rainbows serve as a great reminder that there is something on the other side of the storm.

As long as we are on the topic of double rainbows, who could forget the man a couple years ago who became famous when he went out of his mind in awe of the double bow beauty.

His love of the double Yosemite rainbow pulled in over 44 million YouTube views.

If the rainbow doesn't make you smile his excitement, and play by play will make your day.

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