On Tuesday evening the Lincoln County Commission voted 4 to 1 to uphold the approval of the conditional use permit for a Dakota Access Pipeline pump station.

Pump stations move crude oil through the pipeline system. The pump stations placed at locations throughout the pipeline system contain one or more electrically driven pumping units that boost internal pipeline pressure and push the oil down the line.

KSFY TV is reporting that the Dakota Access Pipeline purchased more than 30 acres of land southeast of Harrisburg. 12 acres are designated for the station. It is expected to cost $30 to $40 million to build.

KSFY TV also stated that those against the station say it could cause issues in the future. Dakota Rural Action Homegrown Sioux Empire member, Kelsie Thomas said: "This is a hazardous, industrial facility being built in what is planned to be a residential and more urban landscape. And where some individuals and rural folks live right now."

In a statement from Dakota Access Pipeline, the company currently moves more than 550,000 barrels of oil a day through the line. But, with the addition of the pump station, that number could grow to more than one million.

The company says the pipeline is the safest and most efficient means to transport crude oil.

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