Every now and then, when you have kids, a quick conversation or interaction with one of your kids can go in such an insane direction that you could have never made it up on your own.

The following interaction took place between my 7-year old Rockley and me.

Rockley: Dad, smell my hand.

(I smell his hand)

Me: I don’t smell anything.

Rockley: Oh, it must have gone away.

Me: What was it?

Rockley: I farted on my hand so I could feel it.

What is striking to me is that his answer to my question had the sound of serious experimentation. As if he had a hypothesis as to what a fart might feel like if you put your hand on the place where farts come from.

After his test on me, and I assume his control test on his own, he retested the smell of his hand to verify my findings. They were confirmed. He seems to have a knack for science.

Or maybe he's like me and every other little boy who thinks flatulence is hilarious and should be celebrated.

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