My wife's breast cancer journey has led me to do a lot of things I never thought I would do. Last night one of those things happened when I shaved my head into a mohawk and colored it pink.

Crystal had her first chemo treatment two weeks ago and right on cue her hair started falling out in pretty big clumps. This really didn't bother her other other than the mess of mid-length hair on her towel, pillow, and shoulders. Even though she was considering leaving it for a while and go for the Doc Brown look from Back to the Future, the time had come to cut it off.

Our friend, neighbor, and hair stylist Mindy volunteered to do the job. (Thank you again, Mindy!)

I had planned on shaving my head when Crystal got her big haircut. But somewhere along the way, I don't remember at whose suggestion, it was decided I should do a mohawk. Then my 8 year-old daughter, Jackie, thought it should be pink too. I completely agreed.

Jackie also decided she wanted to cut off her hair and donate a ponytail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. It's her third donation. (Crystal, ironically, has donated four ponytails over the last nine years.)

We asked our boys if they wanted to cut their hair. They said no, but as soon as we got to the salon, 3 year-old Esia jumped right into the chair. He fought Mindy most of the way while 4 year-old Rockley sat quietly to get his substantial mop cut to its shortest length since he got hair.

You may be wondering why there are no photos of Crystal's haircut. That's because we did a Facebook Live video of it. Her haircut deserved more documentation.

I also must say that I had no idea, as strange as it sounds to say, how gorgeous of a head she has. It was always hidden by her beautiful strawberry blonde hair. By the time Mindy was done I thought Crystal wasn't just beautiful, but hotter than hell!

"Breast cancer took my boobs. Breast cancer took my hair. But it can't take my smile," she says in the video.

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