My lovely wife, Crystal, is quite the cook. She likes to try new stuff from time to time. Since the garden is full of tomatoes and peppers she found a recipe on Pinterest to make spaghetti sauce in a crock pot very easily.

As the taste tester I can say it was delicious!

Tomatoes and peppers from the garden and some onions and mushrooms from the store were halved and seeds removed. Then she threw them all in the crock pot by themselves. No water, just the vegetables. The recipe called for three hours but she cooked them for four.

Crystal Erickson

Tons of water was released from the vegetables and she actually scooped two cups out. She also blended the remaining chucks, because she knows I don't like chunks. Then she added ground turkey, four cloves of garlic pressed, Italian seasoning, salt pepper, and a full tablespoon of some fancy garlic salt.

Crystal Erickson

Add noodles and it was fantastic! Normally we make spaghetti sauce with tomato paste and seasoning packets, which I love. This was equally as good. Next time we use venison burger!