Most people at one point in their life work in some sort of customer service position, whether it be retail or food service or call centers.

And because people never cease to amaze us, we asked our listeners about the craziest thing a customer ever asked of them.

Remember, these are real stories and I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

  • I work at a bank and I had a customer who wanted me to refund some charges he made at a bar. They were in fact from him but he doesn't think he should have to pay for them because he doesn't remember them
  • While working for a fabric store here in town, I had a lady demand the number to corporate and threaten my job because I wouldn't honor an expired 60% off coupon for a .50 lint roller.
  • Got asked to ring up cigarettes and beer as food items so they could pay with ebt. Big no.
  • A gentleman came up to the customer service desk asking about our different credit card options. I gave him the spiel, showed him all the pamphlets. He then proceeded to say he doesn't think I know what I'm talking about and asked to speak to a Male employee
  •  I worked at sandwich shop and was the only one working with a line of 6 or 7 people and had a lady order extra spinach and inform me she doesn't like the stems so "could I cut them off for her" no-no ma'am I can not individually remove the stems on ever piece of spinach for you. I told her sorry we don't do that here. After she left I had two people in line behind her say thank god I didn't do that.
  • I worked at a credit card call center, the person was pissed cause they had to pay their bill. They thought we just gave them the money. Happened on more than one occasion (a day)
  •  I'm a vet tech and have been for several years. I've had plenty of crazy pet requests. One that comes to mind is a couple that had gotten a large breed puppy and when he grew up he would smack them with his tail. They asked me if we could remove his tail. I calmly and firmly told them no, absolutely not.
  •  I worked at a restaurant delivering food. People would place a small order then ask if I could stop and pick up groceries for them on my way. To clarify. Groceries they wanted was usually booze or cigarettes
  •  Working in floral having guys come in buying flowers for their wives and girlfriends and ask if you'll go out with them.
  • I worked at a second-hand clothing store. And a lady called the cops on me because I would not let her return an item that had been marked clearance, one had a damaged discount, and one item was missing the tag altogether. All of which makes those items non-refundable. This is all mentioned at the bottom of the receipt. I know she had that because she proceeded to wave it in my face. After explaining this to the cop, and mentioning that I offered store credit, she decided to call me racist. To top things off, she used the store credit and came back the next day to return those items and still got the cash. My main question is, who calls the cops because of a return?
  •  I worked at Starbucks for a few years and one time we had a lady who told us our iced green tea "wasn't green enough". She proceeded to make us pour her a brand new tea THREE DIFFERENT TIMES. She was so mad that she took the last drink we tried to pour her and pushed it and it dumped all over me. All she did was turn her nose up in the air and walk away... no apology, no nothing.
  • When I lived in southern Texas, I had a customer that wanted warm soda... when I told them it comes out of the fountain cold even without ice they asked me to microwave it. And they didn't ask nicely either, it was in the snottiness way possible. 
  •  I work at a theater. On busy nights I got at least one customer who is a half-hour late to their movies and they asked us to restart the movie for them because the other customers won’t mind it starting again. Not late for previews...actual movie. Rewound 20 minutes. Yes, it happens a lot and it’s not a joke. And it’s usually for really dumb movies with no plot. I’ve even had calls saying I’m 5 min out can you pause it for us since we are running late
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