When working from home who doesn't enjoy having their favorite playlist going on in the background?

For this couple, they have been making the most out of working from home by turning their afternoons into sing-alongs of our favorite classic Disney princess songs.

And the video of Alyssa Navarro singing Mulan's Reflection has taken the internet by storm. So much so, that the original actress who voiced Mulan's singing voice in the 1998 Disney film even complimented Alyssa!

The video below shows Alyssa singing Reflection accompanied by her now fiance on piano along with her reaction to Lea Salonga's compliment.

How crazy is it that Alyssa can sound this amazing while still working at the same time?? I can't sing at all let alone sing and work at the same time!

The couple has also filmed several other videos of them covering other Disney princess songs and have even sung some of their fan's requested songs.

Some of which can also be found on their Instagram accounts along with their Tiktoc video accounts.

And like Alyssa mentions in the above video, if you have a Zoom call in two minutes you can still enjoy the time before and after your work meetings with some classic Disney throwbacks.

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